30 years


ALL temperments

Dan has spent the last 30 years training thousands dogs of all breeds and temperament types. From little sweet sensitive dogs to large aggressive breeds in all kinds of different applications. From basic obedience and behavior modification to advanced off leash control. From personal protection, national level Schutzhund competition, to police dogs for many agencies, including numerous certified explosives/narcotics detection canines. Dan brings the experience to know the right training for YOUR dog.

Throughout his career Dan has refined his dog training skills by working with some of the most talented and respected trainers in the world.


Here at Alpha Dog Training personal service is my focus. I become your personal coach and trainer. The in-home evaluation is very important because the dog is in his territory and is likely to display the bad behavior that has caused you to call us. Also, if there are other members of the household like kids, other pets and dogs the evaluation can be more thorough and the solution more comprehensive.


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